It’s still on line, but not here.
Hey Dr. Mortensen, have I got a girl for you! (Just kidding of course.)

     On 1 April 2014, Governor Herbert signed SB 36, fifth substitute, purporting to prohibit the disclosure of registered voters’ birth dates, even if you already had that as public information before the law was passed. Guess what? It’s still on the Wayback Machine, which I cannot control, and the 27 March 2014 crawl there contains the downloadable complete list. Don’t blame me. They crawled the site before there was any law against it. The downloadable list is also on the Indymedia U.K. website to people who search for "Utah, U.S.A. voter list" but I’m only mentioning that, not linking to it.

     The information is also available from another website, but rather than disclose the domain, I prefer to let the Utah House of Representatives tell you: Go to 00:41:43 or 01:00:57 and let the State of Utah tell you.

     I suspect the real reason they passed that law was because the Utah list, unlike the lists of the other States I publish, includes a lot of cops. At the Battle of Trenton, 26 December 1776, none of Washington’s men went looking for the exact same enemy combattant who wounded him in a previous battle, but some victims of police brutality, police perjury and drug enforcement think they have to locate the exact same enemy officer.

     If they are so worried about their safety, why did six of them choose to get themselves shot, one fatally, in a drug raid on 4 January 2012 in Ogden? If lawmakers don’t want that to continue happening, they’ll have to repeal the unjust laws those goons were trying to enforce. Most members of the Utah Legislature would rather be tough on drugs, to win elections. They have no qualms about buying votes with cops’ blood if the cops are willing to make that choice by their own free agency. Nobody forced the goons to sign up.

     There is a growing awareness that the Second Amendment wasn’t written for the benefit of duck hunters, so if you misuse law enforcement as a weapon of unprovoked violence against innocent drug dealers, you take the chance that these citizens will take your weapon away from you. Their unalienable right to liberty preempts the Rule of Law when those things conflict. Governments cannot acquire authority by manufacturing documents.

     If you vote for candidates who don’t want to relegalize drugs, you’re not pulling the trigger, but you are pulling the lever. Defend liberty with ballots or your fellow citizens will defend liberty with bullets. Any objection? Objection overruled, casket closed.

Bounkham Phonesavanh